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Nursery School

About the Nursery School

Operating for over 50 years, Zion holds the distinction as being the oldest Nursery School in our area providing a program of kindergarten readiness for three, four and five year olds. Our facilities are quite spacious both indoors and outdoors.

Classes size is limited to 14 children in the three-year-old class and 17 in the four-year-old class. The three-year-old program is held two mornings and afternoons per week (Tuesday and Thursday) and the four-year-old program is held three mornings per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and also a second class in the afternoon. We also offer a 5 year old morning class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for those children who don’t meet the age requirements for Kindergarten.

The programs offered have been designed with particular attention to the difference between each age group. Although some children enter Nursery School with classroom “experience” through Sunday School, Nursery School presents new surroundings and faces. Consequently, the challenge to “let go” (for child and parent) continues to be one of personal growth.

Both age groups are involved with “hands-on” activities. Striving to encourage individual work and responsibility, projects are typically designed to promote this goal. Children do a lot of cutting, pasting, coloring, playing with Play-Doh, pegs, etc. to improve Fine Motor Skills in addition to activities designed to improve balance and coordination referred to as Gross Motor Skills. Special emphasis is placed upon listening skills and the ability to follow directions. These skills are vital tools to their continued education and every day life.

The Nursery School program also introduces children to various occupations that are important to their health and well being. Children may have the opportunity to interact with professionals such as a dental hygienist, fire/ambulance rescue person, or police officer. This interaction provides the opportunity to not only meet these people, but hear, see, and touch the equipment used in their professions. It also helps to reduce the level of fear and anxiety they might have when they encounter them in a real-life situation. This one-on-one experience has proven to be a great way to reduce the stress that we often forget children experience.

All children enjoy special outings. With that in mind, classes enjoy a variety of trips and activities throughout the school term. Typical trips include a pumpkin patch, the firehouse, post office, a nature preserve, and a behind-the-scenes tour of a grocery store!

A typical day of Nursery School is filled with lots of learning and fun. One day they might paint with colored ice cubes or make turkeys out of hand prints. The day may include a winter picnic in our big fellowship hall or making butterflies after tracing their feet. A Teddy Bear Parade through the hallways is fun or hatching eggs and butterflies. ┬áRegardless of the days’ activity, Nursery School at Zion is designed to educate children in new and interesting ways.

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